Smith Rack





Combining the beginner-friendly weight stabilization of a Smith Machine with the advanced options of unsupported Olympic bar training, the Optima Series Smith/Rack is a total free weight solution.*


Smith bar travels at 7º angle to replicate the body's natural motion


Smith bar with a starting resistance of 45 lb (20 kg) replicates an Olympic bar while offering support


8 weight horns for olympic plate storage eliminate the need for additional weight plate storage


Olympic bar rack in front so more advanced users can perform traditional Olympic movements


ASTM/EN certified: Designed and tested to exceed the toughest global safety and performance standards


8 weight horns eliminate the need for additional weight plate storage and 2° angle secures plates to the machine during use


Integrated bar stops that are secured to the unit during use


*Olympic bar, weight plates and adjustable bench sold separately


Manufacturer REQUIRES that this product be secured to the floor when used with body weight strap training products to stabilize and eliminate rocking or tipping over.








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